Who are The Brew Commons?

In Hong Kong's evolving craft beer landscape, 4 beer lovers from different backgrounds met in the Beer Judge Certification Program.

There is only 1 thing in common - the passion for craft beer.

The love of craft beer brought friendship among them and the community.

They discovered that all beer geeks, indeed, have a lot in COMMON.


They treat each other to beer (sipping directly from each other's glasses).

They flock to places with new kegs on tap.

What ticks them off - commercial beers claiming to be craft beers.

The 4 beer lovers decided to build a brewery to pay tribute to this special community.

And there goes the name - The Brew Commons

Together, we brew for the common good.

Our beer styles

To make it easier for you to understand different beer styles, we’ve classified our beers into 2 categories: A-side and B-side.


A-side is a classic interpretation according to the Beer Judge Certificate Programme (BJCP) style guide. BJCP defines 20+ styles with detailed descriptions and specifications. We’ve labeled our beers with BJCP style numbers. You can refer to the number on BJCP's style guide app to find out what exactly you are drinking.


B-side is our creative outcome, using the BJCP styles as the basis. These beers can have seasonal ingredients, mixed fermentation, or custom-made for special occasions. Enjoy this brand new experience, brought to you by our ideas and innovation.