Developing our beer labels


Designing a good beer label is never easy. We’ve undergone quite a few rounds to come up with the label of our first beer Fabulous Mosaic.

The geek in us wants to give as much information as we can on the label, to help beer lovers to make an informed choice. Apart from general information like ABV and IBU, we want you to know about the malt and hops we used, and what food pairs best with the beer. But the label isn’t an instruction manual (though geeks enjoy reading every word of it).

The solution is to convey the information with graphics. For example, on the Fabulous Mosaic label, our mascot OMMO is in white, indicating that this beer is an A-side classic style. You can see a tiny yellow mango next to OMMO – the extensive use of Mosaic in dry-hopping introduces a mango-like aroma and flavor in the beer. Have fun ‘decoding’ our label to get information about what they are drinking.

What do you think of our labels? Let us know!

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